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We specialize in Paving and Concrete, and we use our extensive paving and concrete expertise to dictate that we only use virgin limestone and proper compaction techniques on all projects


Excavation of the area to be paved – compaction of the base material – application of limestone – compaction of limestone with a vibratory roller.


Custom driveways and walkways are our specialty. Enhance the beauty and value to your home with a new driveway, interlocking walkway, or patio.


Armco Paving offers a wide variety of commercial services including a 24hr Emergency Service and All-Year-Round commitment to our customers.


We provide a warranty for all residential driveways. If you should sell your home, the warranty can be transferred to the new owner!

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More than 20 years of experience

ARMCO is a family owned and operated business providing service to both the private and public sectors in the GTA regions, including Toronto, York, Peel, Halton, and Durham.



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Armco stands as a testament to the artistry of construction, where vision meets precision, and innovation shapes reality. With each project, our legacy is etched in the beauty of every structure, each a masterpiece that whispers tales of determination, expertise, and unwavering commitment. 

“Where Success is Built, and Beauty Finds its Form.”

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Our company’s paving and asphalt services contribute to creating smooth and reliable surfaces for roads, driveways, parking lots, and more. These services play a vital role in ensuring safe and accessible transportation and parking areas.

Our company is well-equipped to handle snow removal services, ensuring safe and accessible premises during the winter months. This service helps businesses and homeowners navigate snowy conditions without disruption.

Offering grass cutting services demonstrates our commitment to maintaining well-kept outdoor spaces. This service is essential for both aesthetic appeal and ensuring the safety of outdoor environments.

With our expertise in construction, our company is capable of constructing and repairing durable and functional garages for residential or commercial properties, adding value and utility to properties.

Our company specializes in controlled and safe demolition services, enabling the clearing of spaces for new construction projects. This service is crucial for revitalizing spaces and preparing for new developments.

Our expertise in pool construction brings the opportunity for clients to create relaxing and enjoyable aquatic spaces on their properties. Whether it’s for residential or commercial use, our company can deliver quality pool installations.

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Armco Paving provided quality work within short notice and under an extremely tight schedule to the Oxford Properties Group. Their price was not only competitive but their knowledge of the work required provided the opportunity of some extra cost savings. We are extremely please with their timely manner of handling the project and completing their scope of work within the required schedule and would highly recommend them.
Carmen I.
Oxford Residential
Armco Paving has done work for our company for a couple of years now. They have been very accommodating and aim to please at every step of the work process. I am pleased that when there is further work to be done, I won't have to go searching for anyone else.
Walter P.
Islington & ABC Group Property Management
Armco Paving and General Contracting Ltd. has provided Winter and Summer land care services at several of our properties for the last 18 months. I am pleased to report that my Building Managers are unanimous in their praise. Quite frankly we had never previously I do not hesitate to recommend Armco's services to others. In all cases the work was satisfactory, the price reasonable for the service provided and the response swift.
J.W. Pennington
Hampton-Metrix Property Management Inc.

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Armco’s range of services reflects a commitment to offering comprehensive solutions to our clients. Whether it’s creating safe pathways through snow removal, repairing appealing outdoor spaces, or contributing to the development of construction projects, our company’s dedication to quality shines through.

Armco’s rich history, extensive service offerings, and commitment to quality position us as a reputable and reliable player in the construction industry within the FTA regions. Our ability to serve various construction domains underscores our adaptability and expertise in meeting diverse project needs.

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Armco’s versatile services cater to both private and public sectors, our company’s ability to adapt and meet different project goals.

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